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Lamar Jackson wins 82nd Heisman Trophy

Only die-hard college football fans knew who Lamar Jackson was coming into this season, but at the end of his incredible sophomore campaign he has cemented his name in history by becoming the winner of the 2016 Heisman Trophy.

Many believed that a somewhat disappointing end of the season soured Heisman Trophy voters on Jackson and left the rave wide open, but it didn’t. Jackson’s remarkable start to the season put him so far out ahead of the field and it showed in the voting. Jackson won with 2,144 points, beating Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson (1,524 votes), Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield (361), Sooners wide receiver Dede Westbrook (209) and Michigan all-around star Jabrill Peppers (2008), finishing second through fifth, respectively.

And while winning with the sixth-largest percentage of votes in history, Jackson became the youngest-ever winner of the trophy at 19-year, 337 days; just five days younger than Jameis Winston.

Jackson finished the season with 4,928 total yards and 51 total touchdowns. At times his performances seemed like they could only be replicated in video games.

In the team’s season opener, Jackson scored eight touchdowns. His final stat line was 73.9-percent competitions for 286 passing yards and six touchdowns along with 119 rushing yards and two more scores.

Maybe chalk that one up to the caliber of his opponent, but the next week at Syracuse, he had 441 yards passing, 199 on the ground and five total touchdown. It was a real eye-opener that Jackson was a special player.

But maybe again, Syracuse isn’t exactly the greatest of competition. Then, on Saturday, September 17 in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium with a sold-out crowd of nearly 57,000 fans, Jackson led the Cardinals to one of their biggest victory in program history. Florida State was the favorite to win the ACC and fight for another national championship, but Jackson crushed those hopes.

Against the Seminoles, Jackson ran for four touchdowns for a second-straight game and threw another with 362 total yards.

That was when Jackson became the Heisman front-runner. And he didn’t stop there. Through just four games, Jackson had 25 touchdowns and his great season continued with huge games against NC State, Virginia and Boston College. At that point, he was running away with the Trophy.

Jackson was the most electrifying player in the country experiencing the greatest season a quarterback has never had at Louisville; a school where legend Johnny Unitas played in the 1950s.

Two Louisville losses at the end of their regular season didn’t change anything. He set an ACC-record 51 total touchdowns and was the only player in FBS history with 30 passing touchdowns and 20 rushin touchdowns in a season. He is also the only player in FBS history to go over 3,300 yards passing and 1,500 yards rushing in a season. A historic season forever to be remembered in history.

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