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Rousey retires after 48 second loss

She was back and not even for a minute. Ronda Rousey was stopped by Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes in just 48 seconds in her return to the Octagon in the headline of UFC 207. After the loss she immediately announced her retirement from mixed martial arts.

It was a sad end to a tremendous career of a woman who put not just women’s mma on the map, but all of mma. In many ways, Rousey was the biggest mainstream star the UFC has ever had and when he was tossing girls around and knocking them out in a matter of seconds or ripping their arms off with her vicious armbar, she was one of the biggest names in all of sports.

That is all over now. The head kick by Holly Holm last November at UFC 193 ended Rousey’s career, Nunes just made it official.

Rousey was no longer the invincible fighter who psychologically beat all of her opponents before they even stepped in the octagon. And on top of that, the rest of the field caught up to her. Sarah Kaufman, Liza Carmouche, Sara McMann, Alexis Davis, Cat Zingano and Bethe Correia are all just blips on the radar in the women’s bantamweight division. Miesha Tate worked tremendously hard to be exponentially better from the times she fought and lost to Rousey to when she eventually won the title, but Nunes has risen and leads a new crop of better and more well-rebounded mixed martial artist.

Rousey looked like she was in great shape, and more muscular than ever before, but she was completely stiff and stood there while the powerful Nunes threw her heavy fists. Nunes’ very first jab hurt Rousey and she was never able to recover. She never even tried to defend anything.

Rousey’s greatest flaw was she never adapted. She stuck with Edmond Tarverdyan when it was clear she needed to go a different direction. She was better than the field, but under his coaching she didn’t stay better. She was ill-prepared to handle the counter-striking of Holm. She looked completely lost when Nunes was coming right at her. She never got a chance in either fight to show off her offensive ability.

On top of that, she lost her fire and edge. Her aura of invincibility was gone, she didn’t seem to have the pure desire to come back. In some ways her return to fight at UFC 207 seemed like a forced move by the promotion and not something she truly wanted to do.

And now Rousey is finished. Her MMA career is over. She’s no longer the mega Hollywood star with all the appeal. Her big role as the lead in the Roadhouse remake may never make the big screen either. Maybe Rousey has a future in the WWE, but certainly her MMA career was finished long before he lost to Nunes and officially announced her retirement.

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