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Woodley has a dangerous chip on his shoulder

By: Jaime Saintvil

The return of famed former champion George St-Pierre (though not in a fighting capacity) and a highly anticipated clash between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson were the big things that the UFC was pushing in the promotion of their UFC 209 pay per view. And that is fairly sad. GSP was never going to be in the cage for this and Nurmagomedov had to pull out of his fight against Ferguson, so the two top selling points really didn’t turn out to be anything.

But what’s even sadder is that the promotion should have been around the rematch of a five-round war that happened not too long ago between Welterweight champion Tyron ‘The Chosen One’ Woodley and Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson. They had an epic battle the last time they fought that ended in a draw. This fight shouldn’t be an afterthought on the own card that it is headlining.

Even the build up to this fight in particularly looked more to the future. Woodley spoke of possible matchups against GSP, Middleweight champion Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping or ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor. When the conversation turned toward Thompson, Woodley became outwardly bothered, like Thompson was a meter maid just tagged his car.

Looking past Thompson could be fatal for Woodley. Even though he got the most of the stand-up exchanges and knocked him down multiple times in the future encounter, Woodley was threatened the entire fight by Thompson.

Maybe Woodley is truly aggravated and upset with the UFC and the judges of the last fight for making the decision a draw, instead of a victory for him. It certainly can be argued that Woodley won the fight. There really is no argument for a Thompson victory. Woodley has frequently aired his belief that the promotion is not appreciating him and Dana White even went as far to call Woodley a drama queen and to say he wasn’t a money fight and he should “just shut up and fight.”

Maybe that’s why there has been a minimal amount of promotion for this fight, which overall just is a terrible move for the UFC. Regardless of who wins, the welterweight champion won’t be looked at as an elite selling point because after all, it wasn’t even a selling point for the main card it headlined. All of the conversation was about something else surrounding this fight instead of the actual fight, which may be a Fight of the Year candidate.

Another possible reason for the lack of promotion for this fight is that Woodley has time and time again brought up that he is the most disrespected champion in the UFC and linked it to his race. The UFC may possibly be wanting to give him as little of a platform to share that message.

He looked at McGregor being given a chance to become a two-division champion — the first chance of anything like that in the UFC — and when at UFC 205 when there wasn’t a second belt to put around the Irishman, the UFC instructed Woodley to hand over his belt for all the pictures, leaving the Welterweight champion to be seen without anything over his shoulder.

It’s all led to a big chip being put on Woodley’s shoulder heading into this fight, and one grown even bigger with the lack of promotion, a smaller platform to spread his message and increase his fame on.

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