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GGG outlasts Jacobs in a battle he needed to have

This just in, Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin is human. Though he stayed unbeaten and improved to 37-0, GGG was unable to knock out Daniel Jacobs, instead, having to settle for a close unanimous decision, with two judges scoring it 115-112 and a third scoring it 114-113.

Jacobs proved that GGG can be challenged by a true middleweight contender. While GGG built his record and reputation by knocking out either fringe contenders or guys who had to come up in weight and couldn’t contend with his power, Jacobs was able to endure GGG’s power. He was knocked down once in the fourth round, but shook it off and wasn’t hurt by it at all. The extra point in that fourth round was a key difference so ultimately, GGG’s ability to floor opponents was what won him the fight and kept him champion. But the 23-knockout streak is over.

That doesn’t really matter, though. GGG beating Jacobs by a unanimous decision, even a close one, was more important than extending his knockout streak. GGG showed his ability to outbox an opponent rather than just out-slugging them with haymakers. GGG worked the jab and kept distance while Jacobs focused on power shots.

It is GGGs dream to unify the entire middleweight division and prove he’s the best by beating all of the other top fighters around. Seeing GGG win a fight like this was important. Of course, the knockout would have been impressive, but it showed how the man will handle himself when in a tough boxing match against a guy who is at the top of his game, capable of taking a hard punch and cutting off the ring while not backing down and throwing hard shots themselves.

Jacobs certainly proved himself as a top middleweight fights and should earn a rematch against GGG before too long, but with GGG looking to fight WBO middleweight champion Billie Joe Saunders before hopefully Canelo Alvarez, he was exactly what GGG needed to set himself up better for those coming clashes.

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