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Woodley-Thompson 3 should happen, but in time

It’s impossible to sit here today after seeing 10 rounds of Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson fighting over two Pay Per View events and say definitively that one guy is better than the other.

The epic chess match between two differing styles has led to a majority draw and a majority decision with Woodley leaving both events as the champion.

There needs to be a third fight between these two guys, but at the same time, both need to move on from this great rivalry.

The easy and obvious thing to do with these two fighters would be to move Woodley into a title match against the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master Demian Maia (assuming he beats Jorge Masvidal), who has been waiting in the wings for over a year for a deserved title shot, and then have Thompson fight either former champion Robbie Lawler, fan favorite Donald Derrone or a guy rising in the rankings like Neil Magny or Masvidal (if he beats Maia).

Then if both guys come out of those fights victorious, schedule a third fight.

It was quite interesting to see how the two fights between Woodley and Thompson differed so much. Their first fight was a complete war. Thompson won more rounds, but Woodley did so much more damage in the rounds he won. In the rematch, it was a slow fight full of feints and a few jabs to measure distance and some punches that had more to do with timing than anything.

Thompson’s cardio and incredible striking skills kept Woodley on his heels the entire fight, but Woodley’s epic power made Thompson stick around outside too much and unwilling to make a move that could open him up for a hard shot.

Unless you’re one who likes to sit on the edge of your seat watching the chess match taking place, the only really exciting part of the entire fight was the final few seconds when Woodley finally caught ‘Wonderboy’ and nearly ended things.

Woodley came as close as possible to forcing a stop by flooring Thompson with a hard overhand punch and then sending him back down to the mat in a quick hurry during ‘Wonderboy’’s recovery.

But this fight being perceived as a snooze-fest is exactly why they have to wait for a third fight. It’s going to be a hard sell to get people to pay for a third fight, but if both Woodley and Thompson get opportunities to showcase their standup ability in other fights and win, a final fight of a tremendous matchup and two incredible talented welterweights to decide the war; it’s something that has to happen.

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