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‘Rumble’ reached his peak and is retiring

It was hard for a fight fan not to like the story of some sort of redemption that Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson had in his MMA career. He was in the UFC, struggled with weight as a middleweight, left the top promotion, established himself as a light heavyweight, and return as a wrecking ball in the UFC.

‘Rumble’ is big, powerful and provides every fan with explosive knockout ability that so many want. Nothing about his fights were boring, and he earned himself two title opportunities because of all his success.

But Johnson lost both of those title opportunities and after his second loss to Daniel Cormier in the main event of UFC 210, he retired. It was shocking, especially considering that he sad he was retiring no matter what, but in the shadow of a loss, it perhaps is not too shocking.

Johnson couldn’t do much more than he did. He got his two chances at the title and proved he couldn’t quite reach the promise land.

Rumble employed just a strange strategy in his rematch against the current 205 champion. He tried to wrestle with an Olympic-caliber wrestler. Then, just like in the first fight, Johnson’s short gas tank ran out, Cormier took his back and beat him with a rear-naked choke.

Rumble is the kind of fighter who would have gotten another title opportunity, especially if the title ever changed hands, but if Johnson felt he just wasn’t going to ever be champion, retirement may have been the only rout to go.

Selfish fight fans of course would want a guy like Johnson to keep going out in non-title fights to knock other guys out, but it is a dangerous sport and if the ultimate risks ends up outweighing the ultimate reward, then retirement was the right way to go.

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