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Pulling GSP was the right move

Finally, the UFC and Dana White made the right decision when it came to the treatment of a star fighter. White announced that Georges ‘Rush’ St-Pierre has been pulled from his upcoming middleweight title fight against Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping.

After lengthy discussions and finally the announced return of the former dominant welterweight champion, St-Pierre was supposed to fight Bisping in July, but St-Pierre then asked for more time to prepare for his first fight since 2013. The UFC was not standing for it, pulled their legend from the fight, and have given the title shot to Yoel Romero, a worthy contender in the deep division.

More than any division in the UFC, the welterweight division is stacked full of worthy contenders. Romero and Jacare Souza have long been worthy of title shots. Luke Rockhold has yet to get his rematch and Robert Whittaker has ascended into the elite group of 185-pound fighters. Yet, despite so many active fighters worthy of a shot at the gold, St-Pierre got the shot even though he never fought middleweight before and had not competed since November 2013. Even worse, that fight was announced after Dan Henderson got an undeserved title shot.

The UFC had made a statement that they cared more about the theatrics and the show of the UFC than the sportsmanship and competition of it when they booked GSP for the title shot. That’s been the problem with the UFC ever since they were sold to their new ownership group; it’s been more WWE like than UFC like.

Hopefully, this is a kick back in the right direction of building the sport by simply putting on the best fights with the most worthy fighters, not having fame skyrocket a person to the top of the card while other fighters are clearly being unjustly passed over.

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