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For Bradley or Rios, a win could mean so much

While Tim Bradley is trying to use this fight to get back into Pay Per Views, Brandon Rios is using this fight as a stepping stone to relevance.

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GGG stops Lemieux in impressive fashion

David Lemieux is one of the best middleweights in boxing but Gennady Golovkin ended the night of his toughest opponent yet, quite early.

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GGG’s fight to lose, but don’t count out Lemieux

Gennady Golovkin has a chance to be the pound-for-pound best with a win, but David Lemieux is a tough puncher and should not be ignored.

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Mayweather: 49-0 and nobody cares

Floyd Mayweather has beaten every great fighter of his era but if Andre Berto is his last opponent his perfect record just isn’t as impressive as it should be.

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Mayweather easily wins possibly his last fight

Even though Andre Berto was not an elite opponent, it was very clearly just how great Mayweather is as he improved to 49-0 in what he says is his last fight.

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