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Alvarez knocks out Kirkland in third

Canelo Alvarez earned a shot at the middleweight title after knocking James Kirkland out in the third round of their bout on Saturday night.

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Khan has harsh words for Broner and Brook

Amir Khan has been willing to fight anybody, which isn’t what he’s able to say about rivals Adrien Broner or Kell Brook.

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Pacquiao’s injury was an impossible situation

It didn’t matter what decision Manny Pacquiao would have made about his shoulder injury, it was going to be a bad decision. It was an impossible situation to deal with.

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Boxing’s next big fight needs to be on free network TV

After the disappointment of Mayweather-Pacquiao, boxing should get fans re-interested by giving them a big fight on free network television.

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Explaining “The Fight” to the casual viewer

Down Goes Frazier: To all those who were disappointed by the Floyd Mayweather – Manning Pacquiao fight, Nick Johns is here to explain why it was great.

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