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Could this really, finally, be the Cubs year?

Down Goes Frazier is back with a list to remind you of exactly how long it’s been since the Cubs last won the World Series, and why it’s hopefully time they win again.

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Explaining “The Fight” to the casual viewer

Down Goes Frazier: To all those who were disappointed by the Floyd Mayweather – Manning Pacquiao fight, Nick Johns is here to explain why it was great.

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Don’t let Deflategate tarnish the Patriots win

Down Goes Frazier: You shouldn’t have cared about deflategate anyway because the infraction is so minor there isn’t even a punishment for it set in the rules.

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Washington needs to change their name

“Down Goes Frazier” returns and tells you why every reason Dan Snyder gives for not changing his team’s name is complete nonsense.

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Man, I hate the Marlins

In this edition of Down Goes Frazier Nick explains why he hates the Miami Marlins and how they have ruined sports.

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