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So Much Sports Hall of Fame – 5th Class

The fifth class has been inducted into the So Much Sports Hall of Fame and it features three athletes, two coaches and three contributors.

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Is Ichiro the new hit king?

Point – Counter-point: Ichiro surpassed Pete Rose’s career hit total, but with an asterisk as 1,278 of them came in Japan. So who is the real hit king?

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Jerk of the Month: Mike Krzyzewski

Coach K was wrong for what he said to Dillon Brooks, lied and said he didn’t say it and then only admitted to it after it was proven that he lied about it.

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Corey’s Full 2016 Bracket

Corey is releasing his entire NCAA Bracket from the First Fours to the National Championship game, and yes he has a couple of upsets in there so check them out.

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Jerk of the Month: Grayson Allen

Being a gifted shooter and scorer isn’t good enough for Grayson Allen. In February he resorted to getting an edge by tripping an opponent two different times.

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