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Rousey calls Holm “biggest challenge to date”

Holly Holm, perhaps the best women’s boxer and kick boxer ever, will fight Ronda Rousey in January for the belt and there is reason to believe she could win.

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Depth is the biggest key for championships

Regardless of what sport it is, franchises need to have depth, whether it’s players depth of organizational depth. And there are different ways of getting it.

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Greatest achievements in US women’s sports

It has been great month for women to show off their athletic ability. Today we pay homage to them by recognizing the greatest achievement in women’s sports.

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Explaining “The Fight” to the casual viewer

Down Goes Frazier: To all those who were disappointed by the Floyd Mayweather – Manning Pacquiao fight, Nick Johns is here to explain why it was great.

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May 2, 2015: A Sports Day for the Ages

While this day is headlined by what might be the greatest boxing match in history, there are loads of amazing sporting events on this amazing sports day.

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