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The wussification of American sports

When a girls high school basketball coach got suspended for leading his team to a 161-2 victory it just showed how overly sensitive people in sports are now.

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Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?

Point – Counter Point: It’s one of the most heavily debated sports topics around and with the latest Hall of Fame class being announced let’s debate it.

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Baseball HOF voting process is a joke

Corey’s Corner: Whoever the 15 voters who didn’t think Randy Johnson should be in the Hall of Fame should have their ballots taken away.

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Eight things I was wrong about this NFL season

Corey’s Corner: Looking back on these predictions, what was I thinking? Why would I ever think Toby Gerhart could lead a power running game?

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Should a pitcher be named MVP?

Point – Counter Point: Clayton Kershaw won the NL MVP but it brings up the debate whether a guy who doesn’t play every day should win the award.

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