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Should a pitcher be named MVP?

Point – Counter Point: Clayton Kershaw won the NL MVP but it brings up the debate whether a guy who doesn’t play every day should win the award.

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Top 10: Happenings in Sports

What is a “happening”? It’s not a specific achievement, no, it’s a specific type of occurrence like a hit or slam dunk and of all the great happenings these are the best.

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Does MLB need to speed up the game?

Point-Counter Point: One of the first things Rob Manfred will face is whether baseball games need to go faster. Do you think they need to?

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Washington needs to change their name

“Down Goes Frazier” returns and tells you why every reason Dan Snyder gives for not changing his team’s name is complete nonsense.

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Over-hyped and disappointing athletes

In this edition of Corey’s Corner we examine some bad prospects who never lived up to way to high expectations brought on by way too much hype.

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