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Pujols’ milestone comes with little celebration

Albert Pujols reached 600 career home runs with a grand slam, but sadly his great milestone game with little fanfare and celebration.

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Baseball must finally get rid of the beanball

While he missed, Bryce Harper originally through a helmet in response to being hit by a pitch. It’s just getting too out of hand. Baseball needs to finally get rid of it.

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Shohei Otani set to be MLB’s next Japanese craze

The 22-year-old Japanese phenom hits the ball hard and throws it even harder and will be the next import with MLB teams lining up to get him.

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Eric Thames: Real Deal or Flash in the Pan?

Eric Thames’ comeback is one of the feel-good stories of this season, but will he be one to sustain the success or be the latest one-month wonder?

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Could NFL relocation spill over to MLB?

With a wave of relocation reshaping the NFL, could we start seeing some MLB teams following suit and moving as well as they too look to chance big money?

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