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Don’t overlook Davey Johnson’s HOF resume

Maybe Davey Johnson isn’t the biggest-named manager of his era, but he’s put together a career very deserving of Hall of Fame induction.

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Zach Britton should win the Cy Young

Zach Britton’s season as the Orioles closer was the greatest in baseball history and it should be rewarded with a Cy Young award.

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Bonds fired, but not likely finished

While Barry Bonds did not even last a year as the hitting coach with the Miami Marlins, he should have other opportunities to coach again in the Majors.

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Jose Fernandez dies in boating accident

Miami Marlins start pitcher Jose Fernandez dies in a boating accident early Sunday morning. He was 24.

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Yasel Puig’s great resurgance

Yasiel Puig was given a piece of humble pie when he was sent down to the minors and since he return to the big league’s he’s looked a tremendous amount better.

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