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How will A-Rod be remembered?

Alex Rodriguez has easily been one of the most polarizing players in the history of baseball and now the question is: how will you remember him?

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Prince Fielder’s career finished way too soon

Prince Fielder made an emotional announcement that doctors said he can no longer play baseball because of a neck injury.

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Rodriguez announces sad end to storied career

A teary-tied Alex Rodriguez announced he’ll be released by the Yankees and will retire from baseball after his final start on Friday against the Red Sox.

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Is Ichiro the new hit king?

Point – Counter-point: Ichiro surpassed Pete Rose’s career hit total, but with an asterisk as 1,278 of them came in Japan. So who is the real hit king?

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MLB’s push to ‘Make Baseball Fun Again’

Baseball has to find a way to move away from it’s stuck up tradition and move into the modern era, which is something young stars are really pushing to do.

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