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The mystery of Matt Harvey’s struggles

Matt Harvey isn’t mixing his pitches up any differently than in the past and his velocity has not dropped, but he’s not pitching well at all right now.

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Bartolo Colon and the longevity of pitchers

At 43 years old, Bartolo Colon is still going strong from the mount as he has continued to re-invent himself as a pitcher through the decades.

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Shaky pitching is costing these teams dearly

Just because a team can hit, it doesn’t mean they are going to win. These three teams have proven that with terrible pitching not helping their strong lineups.

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The hypocrisy of the closer’s role

Baseball is a game run with analytics, but those are all thrown out the window when a manager called in the closer in the ninth inning no matter the situation is.

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Arrieta’s no-hitter is start of great Cubs run

The Cubs have been waiting a long time to win a World Series and they just might have the magic touch this year.

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