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Week 7 Playoff Watch

Why does Mississippi have to be such a long word? It’s going to get really tiring spelling that out if both teams keep winning.

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Gurley’s suspension sparks pay-for-play debate again

Todd Gurley has been suspended for getting money for autographs and use of his likeness but is it so wrong to want a little bit of the millions you make a program?

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Bad apples in the sunshine state

Treon Harris and Gerald Willis III are make for 19 arrests for the Florida Gators since 2007.

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Timeline of Michigan football’s death

Michigan was once an elite of elite programs but is now Michigan football is dead, there is no excitement, no enthusiasm, nothing.

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Week 6 Playoff Watch

An incredibly wild week finally makes some major shakeups in the playoff projections. We were getting off easy the first five weeks with very little movement in the top teams.

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