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FIFA will regret World Cup expansion

The World Cup was perfect as it is, expanding to 48 teams is purely a money grab, but threatens to water down the great product that it is.

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Clemson wins the 2017 National Championship

Deshaun Watson led Clemson on two fourth-quarter comeback touchdown drives with the last one giving them the game-winning score with one second remaining.

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Ten must-see non-New Years Six bowl games

Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson against the LSU defense; that’s a must-see matchup. Here are the top 10 non-New Years Six Bowl games to watch.

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Army-Navy is college football’s greatest rivalry

Maybe it doesn’t have the biggest stars playing, and maybe the game doesn’t carry national title hopes any more, but nothing is better than Army-Navy.

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Lamar Jackson wins 82nd Heisman Trophy

Lamar Jackson’s electrifying plays and video-game like numbers made him the clear choice to become the 82nd Heisman Trophy winner.

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