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Talk about a “Dream Team”

Missy Franklin, Rebecca Soni, Dana Vollmer and Allison Schmitt all won individual golds and came together to set a world record in the 4×100-meter medley relay

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Williams best female tennis player ever?

Serena Williams has in the conversation of being one of the best female tennis players ever but with an Olympic gold medal she became the second woman to win a Golden Slam and put her name in the conversation of the best ever.

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Phelps break all-time Olympic medal record

Michael Phelps broke a 48-year-old record as he earned his 19th medal in his 12-year Olympic career. Phelps still has three more chances to add to the total.

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The Olympics are great but can definitely be improved

The Olympics really are a great one-of-a-kind event that unites people for a common cause but they are not perfect. Here are some ways they can improve

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Two-per-country rule creates controversy in gymnastics

Not a rule change or elimination, but a compromise would make sense for gymnastics

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