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It’s time to recognize the real GOAT

Who is the greatest of all time Jordan or LeBron? How about neither? The real GOAT never gets his due credit and that has to change.

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Even retired, Tim Duncan is awe-inspiring

Does it surprise anybody that a basketball player with as high of character as Tim Duncan is using his fame to rebuild his crushed home country?

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Cavs-Celtics swap is a win for all

Trades are supposed to benefit both teams equally. That isn’t always the case, but both the Cavaliers and Celtics are better after swapping star players.

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Chris Paul to Houston is a curious move

On paper, it makes for a dynamite backcourt, but in reality, it is hard to see Chris Paul and James Harden working together in Houston.

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Knicks finally end Phil Jackson era

While it’s always easy to blame the James Dolan for poor Knicks management, Phil Jackson was responsible for his own downfall.

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