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Calvin Johnson planning to retire in prime

Even though he clearly has more good football ahead of him, Calvin Johnson is planning to retire from football after nine incredible seasons.

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NFL Conference Championship Picks

This is probably going to be the last time we see Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning. See who our panel has in that and which No. 1 overall Heisman winner will win.

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Chip Kelly is just what Kaepernick needs

If anybody should be excited that the San Francisco 49ers hired Chip Kelly it is Colin Kaepernick, who has reason to believe he can revitalize his career.

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NFL overtime rules are perfect as is

Aaron Rodgers never touched the ball in overtime in his team’s loss for a second-straight year but that is his defenses’ fault, not the fault of the NFL rules.

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NFL Divisional Round Picks

Former No. 1 overall pick Carson Palmer has never won a playoff game before. Does our panel belief he can finally get one? See all of our picks.

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