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Browns to hire Hue Jackson as HC

Hue Jackson has turned a successful stint as Cincinnati’s offensive coordinator into another coaching job; this time with the Cleveland Browns.

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The Rams are moving back to Los Angeles

After a 30-2 vote the St. Louis Rams are moving back to Los Angeles and the NFL’s 21-year absence from the second largest media market is over.

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Bengals can blame only themselves for loss

They did not lose because Andy Dalton was hurt. They did not lose because of something the Steelers necessarily did. They lost entirely on their own doing.

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Wild Card meltdown must fall on Marvin Lewis

Marvin Lewis’ inability to control his team cost the Bengals their first playoff victory in 24 years and he must take the blame for that mess.

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Adam Gase hired as Dolphins head coach

Adam Gase has been a hot coaching candidate for a few years now and has finally landed the ideal job for him, taking over a young and talented Dolphins squad.

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