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Wild Card Weekend Picks

Will playoff experience help the Seattle Seahawks or will Teddy Bridgewater and the upstart Vikings make a statement and pull off the victory?

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2015 NFL Awards

Everybody agrees on one thing, that Ron Rivera is the Coach of the Year. See who our guys think stood out and earned everything else.

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Lovie Smith’s firing makes no sense

Despite the Buccaneers improving by four wins this year and seeing great progression from Jameis Winston the Buccaneers fired Lovie Smith after two seasons.

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RG3 and Dallas is not a pairing that will work

Fans worse their RG3 Cowboys jersies, perhaps hopeful that he will sign there as a free agent this offseason, but it makes no sense for him to go there.

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Sean Payton staying in the Big Easy

Despite rumors that the Saints were looking to trade Sean Paytong and almost every team with a vacancy interested, he is staying in New Orleans.

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