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Quick Inside Slant: Week 6

Dustin Fisher has decided that complaining about commentators is just useless at this point because like most their personalities it is like talking to a brick wall. This time, he goes after the fans.

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Week 5: Surprises and Disappointments

Sometimes, seeing the same things again is even more disappointing than the first time. Week 5 was full of things like that so check out what they are and check out what the biggest surprises of the week were while you’re at it.

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Week 5 Look: Contenders and Pretenders

Through five weeks seven teams have 4-1 records or better but every year one team collapses after a great start, will any of the teams fizzle out this year? Who knows but Corey Johns takes a look at the possibilities.

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Week 5 Picks

Cam Newton and the Panthers will host the tough Seahawks this week but will he be able to use his legs to avoid their great pass rush and will he be able to close out a game like he has struggled to do so far in his career?

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Quick Inside Slant: Week 5

Dustin Fisher goes off on the commentators again about how they speak in codes that really don’t make any sense at all, like saying the Chiefs are a team searching for an identity rather than just saying they are bad.

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