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Week 2 Picks

Matt Ryan will be facing off against Peyton Manning in a week 2 game where we will get to see exactly what two of the top teams from last week are really made of when they clash head-to-head on Monday night in Atlanta.

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Quick Inside Slant: Week 2

Dustin Fisher takes a look at Week 1 in the NFL and looks ahead a bit at Week 2 in another segment of “Quick Inside Slant” where all he hopes if you find it better than Brandon Weeden’s debut.

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Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

A week of football is finished so we can throw out those preseason rankings and really see which teams rank where. Check out which teams jumped up the most and which dropped more than any other team.

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Week 1: Surprises and Disappointments

What stood out to you in the first week of the 2012 NFL season? See what stood out to Corey Johns as teams fought for hope of starting the season out undefeated and not all of the things that stood out were good, some teams disappointed.

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Week 1 Picks

Corey Johns will be picking every game this year and hopes to get off to a hot start week 1 and not everybody he picks is the favorite, some are surprises and projected upsets.

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