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Refs had no blame, the better team won

It might be easy to blame the referees for the way the Stanley Cup finals turned out, but at the end of the series, the better team was the winner.

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Preds making hard gamble benching Rinne

Pekka Rinne has had an inconsistent Finals series, but despite mostly being good at home, the Predators are still benching him for a relatively untested backup.

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NHL rookies are making an impact scoring

This year’s rookie class has been making a great impact already putting the puck between the pipes. Here we’ll take a look at the top five rookie scorers this year.

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The legendary Henrik Lundqvist is falling fast

Henrik Lundqvist has had three miserable outing in a row and it might lead to the New York Rangers having to pull him from the net if he doesn’t turn it around fast.

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Penguins win Stanley Cup

The Penguins won their fourth Stanley Cup and with his second, Sidney Crosby cemented himself as the best of this generation.

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