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Golic: Proof Nutrisystem Works

By: Bobby Lubaszewski

News Flash: Albert Haynesworth is out of shape…

Not only did Haynesworth fail his condition test for a 3rd time (after 2 days off because of a swollen knee), but he is being shown up by a man who has not played football since 1994 – last century. Mike Golic, a former NFL defensive tackle and current ESPN radio personality, tried his luck today at the conditioning test that has been giving the Redksins’ All-Pro so much trouble.  The result? Golic Passed.

Tale of the tape: Golic is 47, Haynesworth is 29; Golic weighs 270, Haynesworth is 335.

Now, Haynesworth may have 65 pounds on Golic, but let’s remember that Haynesworth has supposedly been working on his condition all offseason, while Golic has been sitting behind a microphone.  So how can a professional athlete fail a test that a man – old by NFL standards – can pass on his first try? Beats me. Perhaps it is the Nutrisystem weight loss program that Golic is a spokesperson for or maybe something else.

ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth has an idea though.  When asked why he thought Golic passed and Haynesworth did not, Schlereth responded, “[…] because he’s got this little thing in his chest that beats, it’s called a heart. And that’s what you have to have to pass the conditioning test. Listen, you look at Terrence Cody, he fails it the first day, sleeps overnight, and passes it the second day. That’s not because you got in shape overnight while you were sleeping. It’s because you have a little heart and you dig down and you get it done.”

If Haynesworth does not have the desire to play for Washington, the Redskins better be prepared to be without their $100 million dollar man for a bit longer – something it seems they are okay with.

When asked if he was confident in his other defensive lineman, coach Shanahan remarked, “Very confident. That’s what you do. You practice with the guys that are in football shape — and are doing what they can to help your football team.”

Until Haynesworth decides he wants to play football for the Redskins, it is very likely he will continue to have a front row view as his teammates do what it takes to play in the NFL.

When asked about Haynesworth, fullback Mike Sellar commented, “He’s been gone all year. He hasn’t been missed.”

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