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Post Trade Deadline Look Around

The Texas Rangers have become a legit world series contender

The weeks before the trade deadline is a very valuable time for teams in Major League Baseball. Most teams don’t just sit still and do nothing, they either try to get a big named player to bolster their roster to make a run at a World Series, or unload valuable players to get prospects to build for the future. However, some team do when they have a good foundation to build on and aren’t too far away. But this July 84 players were traded in 30 trades, and while some trades were blockbusters, others were ones that flew under the radar, but could really help a team in need. But some teams know they are out of playoff contention, other teams are really making efforts to get atop the division or in the wild card race. So How do team’s stack up now that the non-waiver trade deadline is past?

AL East:

New York Yankees: Division Leader
Traded For: Austin Kearns, Lance Berkman, Kerry Wood
Traded Away: Mark Melancon, Jimmy Paredes, To Players To Be Named

The Yankees turned out to be big winners during the trade period as they bolstered both their lineup and bullpen for virtually nothing. They didn’t trade really any of their top prospects because they just used their wealthy to take on players salaries. Berkman is going to be a big power hitting DH in the two-spot, making the entire lineup death row for pitchers, while Austin Kearns will provide good depth and a solid player for certain situations. Kerry Wood finally gives the Yankees a much needed set-up man for Mariano Rivera

Tampa Bay Rays- 1 Game Back
Traded For: Chad Qualls
Traded Away: Player To Be Named

Qualls’ ERA may be high but he’s still a solid relief pitcher that the Rays really needed. They have a very good rotation but were giving away games in the late innings. However, they did not do enough to surpass the Yankees for the top spot.

Boston Red Sox- 6.5 Games Back
Traded For: Kevin Cash, Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Traded Away: Angel Sanches, Ramon Ramirez, Chris McGuiness, Roman Mendez

The Red Sox got desperate for a catcher after a rash of injuries and honestly way over paid to get one mediocre and one below average player. The Red Sox would have been much better suited just doing nothing than making these trades.

Toronto Blue Jays- 12.5 Games Back
Traded For: Yunel Escobar, Jo-Jo Reyes, Mike Jacobs
Traded Away: Alex Gonzalez, Tim Collins, Tyler Pastornicky, Player To Be Named

Getting Escobar and a hand full of prospects for Gonzalez and a hand full of prospects was a good move for the Blue Jays who know they are out of contention to get to even third place this year.

Baltimore Orioles- 34.5 Games Back
Traded For: Wynn Pelzer, Rick VandenHurk
Traded Away: Miguel Tejada, Wil Ohman

It’s a pretty sure bet that the O’s will be last in the league this year, but they had a terrible trading period. Wil Ohman for Rich VandenHurk was a good move, and getting something for Miguel Tejada was decent, but not moving guys like Kevin Millwood, Jeremy Guthrie, and Ty Wiggington for prospects makes their July and absolute failure.

AL Central:

Chicago White Sox- Division Leader
Traded For: Edwin Jackson
Traded Away: Daniel Hudson, David Holmberg

They really tried to get another big bat, but players either wouldn’t accept the trade or the teams wanted way too much for their guys bats. But getting Edwin Jackson will help them out a lot at the end of their rotation.

Minnesota Twins- .5 Games Back
Traded For: Matt Capps
Traded Away: Wilson Ramos, Joe Testa

The Twins desperately needed a closer and got a very good one. Matt Capps is a very young and underrated closer in the league and while they may have overpaid for him a little it will really benefit the team down the stretch.

Detroit Tigers- 7 Games Back
Traded For: Jhonny Peralta, Player To Be Names
Traded Away: Giovanni Soto, Wilkin Ramirez

These are trades that the Tigers just shouldn’t have made. Jhonny Peralta was an upgrade at third base but he was nowhere near enough to close the seven game gap. They would have been much better off keeping a very good pitching prospect in Giovanni Soto than trading for an average third baseman that won’t get the team past two others in the standings.

Kansas City Royals- 14.5 Games Back
Traded For: Sean O’Sullivan, Will Smith, Tim Collins, Jesse Chaves, Gregor Blanco, Lucas May, Elisual Pemintal
Traded Away: Alberto Callaspo, Rick Ankiel, Kyle Farnsworth, Scott Posednik

Another team who knows they are out of contention for anything, the Royals made a good haul to get rid of guys for prospects that will hopefully help them in the next few years.

Cleveland- 15.5 Games Back
No Trades

It wasn’t long ago that people were thinking the Indians would win the division, but now they are still stuck on the bottom, but they didn’t get anything to help build for the future.

AL West:

Texas Rangers- Division Leaders
Traded For: Bengi Molina, Cliff Lee, Jorge Cantu, Cristian Guzman, Mark Lowe
Traded Away: Chris Ray, Michael Main, Justin Smoak, Blake Beavan, Josh Lueke, Matthew Lawson, Evan Reed, Omar Poveda, Tannar Roark, Ryan Tatusko

The Rangers very well may have traded away the future but they may have moved up to being World Series favorites. With the division pretty much wrapped up as they have an eight game lead the Rangers added the best arm, a great defensive catcher, and decent bullpen pitcher, and two very good bench/situational players.

Los Angeles Angels- 8 Games Back
Traded For: Alberto Callaspo, Dan Haren
Traded Away: Sean O’Sullivan, Will Smith, Joe Saunders, Rafael Rodrigues, Player To Be Named

It’s not likely that the Angels will win the division but they are going to fight for a wild card spot. Getting Dan Haren automatically makes them a winner, but getting the legitimate ace for an average middle of the rotation guy and a handful of prospects makes them really big winners, but they won’t be this year.

Oakland Athletics- 8.5 Games Back
No Trades

Oakland probably just conceded that they aren’t going to make it to the post season ebing 8.5 games back in the division and 13 games back from the wild card spot. So they just sat still and kept everybody they had hoping to improve in the offseason.

NL East:

Atlanta Braves- Division Leader
Traded For: Alex Gonzalez, Tyler Pastornickey, Wilkin Ramirez, Rick Ankiel, Kyle Farnsworth, Tim Collins
Traded Away: Yunel Escobar, Jo-Jo Reyes, Jesse Chavez, Gregor Blanco, Player To Be Named, Tim Collins

The Braves did very well to upgrade where they needed. Rick Ankiel and Alex Gonzalez are starters for them and Farnsworth is a very good middle relief pitcher to have. But picking up some prospects along the way to make up for losing some was a good get.

Philadelphia Phillies- 2.5 Games Back
Traded For: Roy Oswalt
Traded Away: J.A. Happ, Anthony Gose, Jonathan Villar

The Phillies got just what they needed in Oswalt. Happ is a quality starter but now with Oswalt the Phillies have three aces at the front of their rotation. The two prospects the also traded are decent, but not really needed by the Phillies.

Florida Marlins- 6.5 Games Back
Traded For: Wil Ohman
Traded Away: Rich VandenHurk

Relief pitchers are an important thing to have and while Wil Ohman’s stats are underwhelming, that’s partly because he was with the Orioles. Ohman will help out the Marlins, but it probably wasn’t enough to get them into the playoffs this year.

New York Mets- 6.5 Games Back
Traded For: Player To Be Named
Traded Away: Mike Jacobs

The Mets just stayed quiet and essentially gave up on a run to the post season. They have a good foundation so there wasn’t much point toward building for the future by trading away guys. They’ll probably have a busy free agency period.

Washington Nationals- 13.5 Games Back
Traded For: Wilson Ramos, Joe Testa, Tanner Roark, Ryan Tatusko
Traded Away: Matt Capps, Cristian Guzman

Getting beyond max value for Matt Capps was a great move. They got a solid group of prospects for two guys to throw into the mix.

NL Central:

St. Louis Cardinals- Division Leader
Traded For: Jake Westbrook, Nick Greenwood
Traded Away: Ryan Ludwick

The Cardinals were probably just going to have to let Ludwick go in the offseason, of what did they get? a solid middle of the rotation starter and decent prospect. Definitely the right move moving toward the end of the season.

Cincinnati Reds- .5 Games Back
No Trades

With the Cardinals getting rid of a bat (which they didn’t need because they have plenty of big hitters) and getting a solid starting pitcher they have jumped the Reds as division favorites. The Reds really could have used a pitcher, and will try to get somebody on a waiver trade.

Milwaukee Brewers- 11.5 Games Back
No Trades

Not trading Prince Fielder may be a bad decision come free agency time. He’s probably going to leave and they are going to get nothing for them.

Chicago Cubs- 13 Games Back
Traded For: Blake DeWitt, Brett Wallach, Kyle Smith
Traded Away: Ted Lilly, Ryan Theriot

It was no secret that the Cubs were going to get rid of Ted Lilly, but finally moving Ryan Theriot is going to be a move that will benefit the Cubs. It obviously hasn’t worked with him in the infield so getting some prospects in return will help in the future.

Houston Astros- 13.5 Games Back
Traded For: Angel Sanchez, J.A. Happ, Anthony Gose, Jonathan Villar, Mark Melancon, Jimmy Paredes
Traded Away: Kevin Cash, Roy Oswalt, Lance Berkman

The Berkman trade turned out to just be a salary dump but getting what they got for Cash and Oswalt is really going to benefit them in the future. J.A. Happ may develop into a number 2 starter, and Anthony Gose should develop in a good and very speedy center fielder.

Pittsburgh Pirates- 22.5 Games Back
Traded For: James McDonald, Andrew Lambo, Joe Martinez, John Bowker, Chris Snyder
Traded Away: Octavio Dotel, Javier Lopez, Bobby Crosby, Ryan Church, D.J. Carrasco

The Pirates sually just get rid of their all-stars for mediocre minor leaguers but this time they unloaded some older players for decent prospects.

NL West

San Diego Padres- Division Leader
Traded For: Ryan Ludwick, Miguel Tejada
Traded Away: Wynn Pelzer, Nick Greenwood, Corey Kubler

The Padres really separated themselves from the rest of the division by adding two good bats to their lineup. Adding another pitcher would have been nice but they are hoping their bats will make up for it.

San Francisco Giants- 1.5 Games Back
Traded For: Chris Ray, Michael Main, Javier Lopez, Ramon Ramirez
Traded Away: Bengi Molina, Joe Martinez, John Bowker

With Buster Posey having a lot of success this year they were able to trade the aging Bengi Molina for decent value. But with Chris Ray finally living up to his potential he could really help their bullpen.

Colorado Rockies- 7 Games Back
No Trades

Another team with a decent foundation that is just going to see what they have this year and make a move in the free agency period.

Los Angeles Dodgers- 8 Games Back
Traded For: Scott Posednik, Octavio Dotel, Ted Lilly, Ryan Theriot
Traded Away: Lucas May, Elisual Pimental, James McDonald, Andrew Lambo, Blake DeWitt, Brett Wallach, Kyle Smith

LA probably isn’t going to make the postseason but they are at least trying. They got four significant players including two starting fielders, a starting pitcher, and a setup man. It may not help this year but it will definitely help next year.

Arizona Diamondbacks- 23 Games Back
Traded For: Joe Saunders, Rafael Rodriguez, Daniel Hudson, David Holmberg, Bobby Crosby, Ryan Church, D.J. Carrasco, Two Players To Be Named
Traded Away: Dan Haren, Edwin Jackson, Chad Qualls, Chris Snyder, Pedro Ciriaco

The Diamondbacks unloaded their top players, but got terrible valuable for them. Instead of great prospects they got a load of older players who are as good as they are going to get.


The best trading periods definitely went to the Rangers, Yankees, Angeles, and Royals while the worst July went to the Red Sox, Diamondbacks, Orioles, and Tigers.

Projected final standings:

AL East: Yankees, *Rays, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles
Clearly the Yankees are the favorites, but the Rays did just enough to not drop a 5.5 game lead on the Wild Card spot.

AL Central: Twins, White Sox, Tigers, Royals, Indians
The Twins adding a legitimate closer is going to push the Twins to the top of the divison, especially considering they are only half a game behind with Justin Morneau, Orlando Hudson, and Nick Punto getting ready to come off the DL.

AL West: Rangers, Angeles, Athletics, Mariners
The Rangers were not threatened by anybody in their division but just loaded up to try and win a World Series.

NL East: Phillies, *Braves, Marlins, Mets, Nationals
Getting an ace pitcher is always better than getting a decent short stop. With three aces at the front of their rotation it is going to be hard to hit the Phillies. But the Braves are still good enough to hold onto the final Wild Card spot.

NL Central: Cardinals, Reds, Brewers, Cubs, Astros, Pirates
While the Reds did nothing the Cardinals got a very good pitcher to add to the middle of their rotation. But the bad part for the Reds is they didn’t even do enough to beat out the Braves for Wild Card.

NL West: Padres, Giants, Dodgers, Rockies, Diamondbacks
The only thing the Padres needed was hitting, and they got two established power hitters to add to their lineup. The Giants improved and the Dodgers tried but neither did enough to pass the Padres.


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One Response to “Post Trade Deadline Look Around”
  1. Mike Panichello says:

    I haven’t been following anybody but the Orioles this season. For some reason, I get a kick out of their bad luck… go figure.

    I wouldn’t say their deadline deals were a complete failure. To be honest, what team would want Kevin Millwood on their team right now? In June/July, he couldn’t make it past the 5th inning without giving up 5 runs. He started off this season pitching well (not even counting his lack of wins but thats partly the Orioles fault). His ERA is over 6.05. I just don’t see how he fits on any contenders squad.

    Gutrie might have had some trade value but I still see the Orioles keeping him around next year on purpose. Same with Wiggington, he may be worth keeping for next year (you do have to keep somebody around). From what I heard, Texas was the only team interested and they chose Cantu, for whatever reason. Maybe because he’s younger and has more upside? I dunno. Either way, I didn’t expect much at all, so I don’t think they failed.