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AFC North: Race for last place

Will the Bengals turn things around and get back into contension for last place in the AFC North?

Week 1 was full of surprises in the annual AFC North Race For Last Place!  Pittsburgh shocked the world with their stunning performance in Baltimore, dampening the hopes for the Ravens to reach their first AFC North Race For Last Place Title since 2007.  The Steelers on the other hand look to capitalize on their week 1 performance by dropping the ball against the Seahawks in week 2, potentially catapulting them into AFC North Race For Last Place Title contention for the first time since the AFC North was created in 2002!
Frontrunners Cincinnati and Cleveland duked it out in a game for the ages!  The two teams from Ohio who regularly win the AFC North Race For Last Place Title duked it out in an all out bloodfest that featured the division’s two worst teams!  In the end, only one could lose and this time it was the Browns who successfully left the field with their heads held low!  What a game!  Something tells me though that the Bengals are still in contention for the AFC North Race For Last Place Title.
Week 2’s matchups include:

Cleveland @ Indianapolis – Can the Browns still manage to lose with the absence of Peyton Manning?
Seattle @ Pittsburgh – Do the Steelers have what it takes to have their first multi-game losing streak since 2009?
Baltimore @ Tennessee – Will the Ravens shock the world and get their first loss of the season?

Cincinnati @ Denver – Will Tim Tebow help the Bengals get back on track or will Denver decide to stick with Kyle Orton?
Stay tuned because only time will tell!

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