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Ravens Reports Card: Week 4 vs. Jets

Last night was an…interesting game. It’s very, very rare to see a game with 51 combined points score have only one offensive touchdown but that just shows you how good the two defenses playing last night were. While it was far from a pretty win, it was a win for the Ravens as they’re heading into the bye week (which will hopefully let them get healthy) with a 3-1 record, atop of the AFC North.

Quarterback – D

Things definitely could have been worse but Joe Flacco was not good by any stretch of the imagination last night and the inconsistency is worrisome. I understand that the Titans and Jets have two of the league’s top defenses this year (pass defense in the Jets case) but he can’t only be good against bad defenses, he has to step it up against a top-end defense before he can even join the class below elite. Last night Flacco had only a 37.4 passer rating with 163 yards, an interception, and no score. After completing eight passes in the first quarter he completed only two the rest of the game. While Ed Dickson did have a bunch of drops that didn’t help his case, he kept throwing to him and consistently overthrew Torrey Smith.

Running Back – C

When the offense decided to just run the ball things were going well, especially with Ricky Williams, who averaged 4.1 yards per carry. While Ray Rice did total 130 yards (66 rushing, 64 receiving) and get the lone offensive touchdown in the game, his 2.6 yards per carry average was very underwhelming, especially considering the Jets were destroyed by the run last week.

Receivers – C

Torrey Smith only had one catch for one yard but was absolutely fantastic and on more than a few occasions just completely ran past the Jets defensive backs, including Darrelle Revis who was up against him most of the night. The rest of them, though, were disappointing. Ed Dickson had a game-best four receptions but had a lot of bad dropps in the game. Meanwhile, Anquan Boldin, Dennis Pitta, and LaQuan Williams all only had one catch each. Flacco didn’t exactly help but nobody, other than Smith, who was just overthrown, got open much either.

Offensive Line – D-

The Jets sacked Joe Flacco two times and pressured him every single time he dropped back to pass. Flacco barely had any time to run and the running game’s lack of explosiveness was in large part due to an underwhelming o-line. Andre Gurode did do a fair job in his second start at guard in place of Ben Grubbs but they are definitely missing their former first round draft pick out of Auburn.

Defensive Line – A

As bad as the Ravens offense was the Jets were worse and totaled only 150 offensive yards. The d-line was on top of Flacco the instant he got the ball and the Jets had virtually no running game with only 38 yards, averaging only two yards per attempt.

Line Backers – A+

Ray Lewis and Jarret Johnson were all over the field against the Jets, preventing anything from happening for the Jets offensively. Johnson did a particularly good job in coverage against Dustin Keller while Terrell Suggs and Jameel McClain came up with somwqe big plays. Suggs absolutely destroyed D’Brickashaw Ferguson, one of the premier left tackles in the NFL, nearly ever single time he rushed the passer.

Secondary – A+

From Ed Reed’s sack fumble to Lardarius Webb’s pick-6, the patch-work secondary was absolutely incredibly against a dynamic Jets receiving corp. Without Domonique Foxworth, Jimmy Smith, Chris Carr, and Haruki Nakamura the secondary seemed like it would be a big worry spot but they completely shut down the pass. Cary Williams was spectacular and Danny Gorrer proved his worth.

Special Teams – F

Sure Billy Cundiff was perfect kicking and sure Sam Koch averaged 44.3 yards per punt but the Jets destroyed the Ravens in the return game, getting that big return from Joe McKnight in the first quarter, and the Ravens have to pick out a punt returner since putting Ed Reed back there is not a smart option. Brendan Ayanbadejo was being doubled the entire game and couldn’t get off locks to make plays in the return game.

Coaching – C

Eventually they figured things out but when the passing game was struggling so much there was no reason to keep passing and while the defense was great, the decision to not put Haloti Ngata head-up on the Jets backup center was a questionable one.

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One Response to “Ravens Reports Card: Week 4 vs. Jets”
  1. deron says:

    This is 2000 all over again. Scoring 34 points in a game with only one offensive touchdown has only occured 6 other times since the merger… the Ravens did it to the Jets before, during the 2000 season, their Super Bowl year.