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Cromartie sparks controversy in New York

Antonio Cromartie is a very good cornerback but there is good reason to believe that his combination of size, speed and athleticism would make him a good wide receiver too.

Should we even care about what Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie says anymore? If you have not heard Cromartie recently said that he would be the second best wide receiver on the Jets behind Santonio Holmes.

This is just the kind of guy that Cromartie is. He is a very gifted athlete and honestly, the Jets should put together a few packages featuring the cornerback on offense so they could utilize what he offers.

There is one big problem though and that Chaz Schilens, an offseason acquisition from Oakland, did not like what Cromartie said at all. Cromartie called out the team’s wide receivers and basically said that none of them were good because he, a defensive back, is better than all but one pass catcher on the team. While, according to head coach Rex Ryan, pretty much everybody laughed about it, he mentioned that Schilens did not. That is probably because everybody on the team knew what kind of guy Cromartie is and knew that while he may be serious it is just in his character to make a statement like that but because Schilens is new to the team he likely does not know much about what kind of person Cromartie is and took it wrong.

Schilens has since said that he and Cromartie have cleared the air but the question still raises the question of how right Cromartie is. After Holmes the names on the roster at wide receiver are not going to scare anybody; names like Stephen Hill, Jeremy Kerley, Eron Riley, Patrick Turner, and Schilens.

Maybe the Jets have done great homework and feel them have some real stars but it is hard to imagine that a team with so many questions about their offense last season is going to have much success next season with that group of player. Looking at their roster overall, the Jets are just severely lacking good pieces on offense and unless some guys step up this season they might not have the talent to get back into the playoffs.

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