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Lin doesn’t want to be Yao

Jeremy Lin says he does not want to live up to Yao Ming. He just want to play basketball.

There were many reasons why the Houston Rockets put in an offer sheet to New York Knicks restricted free agent Jeremy Lin. First, and most importantly, they needed a point guard and Lin showed last year that he has a great deal of talent and can be a point guard in the NBA. Also, they need to rebuild so if you are going to submit a three-year $25 million offer sheet then it might as well be on an up-and-coming 23-year-old. But another reason why the Rockets may have added Lin was because he is of Asian descent.

No, that does not sound like a politically correct reason for a team to go after a player but with such a strong Asian following the Rockets may have been thinking that Lin, whose grandmother is from China and whose parents are from Taiwan, would be the best way to keep the strong fan base that Yao Ming gave them.

Lin, who was born in Palo Alto, CA, realizes that he has a strong Asian following and he realizes that he is an inspiration to a lot of Chinese youth but he wants to make it clear that he does not want to be Yao or live up to the standard he has set.

“What I have done is nothing compared to what Yao has done. I have always looked up to Yao, but I don’t see myself as having to fill his shoes,” Lin said in a press conference during a visit to Taipei. “My goal is very simple, and that’s just to get as close as I can to reaching my personal potential. “

It is very important that Lin does not have extra pressure on him to fill another player’s shoes. Lin is a different player, with a different style at a completely different position than Yao, the only real similarities are that both are incredibly humble, are of Chinese decent and have major following in Asian communities. But it is important that Lin grows into his position and into the NBA. He had a great stretch of play that led to “Linsanity” but it was only a few weeks before it died down so if he wants to get back to that level he has to concentrate on basketball, not living up to Yao.

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