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Don’t eliminate it, move wrestling to winter

Wrestling was voted out of the Olympics after 2016 but perhaps a move to the winter games would be the better decision.

Wrestling was voted out of the Olympics after 2016 but perhaps a move to the winter games would be the better decision.

I love the hypocrisy in these arguments against the International Olympic Committee. The reason that the sport is being cut is because there is a lack of viewership, lack of interest, and lack of global popularity but these same people that are claiming that the loss to wrestling at the Olympics are pretty much the same people that did not pay any attention to it in the first place.

Sure, there are the wrestling enthusiast and fans that are crushed by this decision but wrestling but it is hard to argue that there was not a lack of interest in the sport but instead of eliminating wrestling another option should have been looked at first: moving it to the winter.

Since last summer’s games I have been very vocal with my feeling that the Summer Olympics are just way too packed. In 2012 there were 26 different sports featured and a total of 39 disciplines. No matter how many television channels there were covering the games it was just impossible to give every sport its proper coverage and that would be even tougher with the additions of golf and rugby sevens in 2016.

The Winter Olympics, however, has a lot of room to grow with only 15 sports being featured. Obviously the Summer Olympics is the only place that makes sense for many events like Aquatics, Athletics, Cycling, Soccer, Tennis and Beach Volleyball but there are many sports that can fit in anywhere. Wrestling is an example of one of those sports. Others possibly include Boxing, Weightlifting and Fencing.

None of those sports need to be in the Summer Olympics. They all take place indoors and there is nothing about the weather that can affect what is going on in their events.

Maybe a switch to the winter games is a better option for Wrestling rather than being eliminated all together. Now you do not want to overload the winter games either where only sports that could possibly be played in the winter are currently featured but with the summer being so overloaded a few switched would not hurt anything, it actually might help it.

The Winter Olympics are meant to promote the snow and ice sports but people will always love contact sports so if wrestling gets moved to the winter games it may not be the premier event but it will certainly get some air time on one of the many channels that covers the Olympics.

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