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Can a pitcher be MVP? Kershaw makes his case

Just about every time Clayton Kershaw pitches the Dodgers and guarantees a victory, it's that valuable than what is?

Just about every time Clayton Kershaw pitches the Dodgers and guarantees a victory, it’s that valuable than what is?

It’s tough to argue that a guy who gets on the field once every five days is a better player then a guy who contributes every day but with just about a month left in the season those who vote for the NL MVP will have to have that discussion.

Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton leads the National League in both home runs (37) and RBIs as of right now (105) and is 19th in batting average (.288). Clearly he is the best hitter in the National League, maybe the best hitter in all of baseball but the things Dodgers lefty Clayton Kershaw is able to do on the mound are just too great to overlook.

With his current 1.67 ERA, Kershaw would have the lowest ERA to finish a season since Greg Maddux posted a 1.63 ERA in 1995 while his 18 wins lead the league and his 210 strikeouts is the third-best total in the National League and seventh best in the majors. Kershaw has been unhittable and in games he has pitched the Dodgers are 20-4.

The people who vote on MVP, however, tend to prefer players who contribute as much and as often as possible. Had it not been for one of the greatest seasons we have ever seen by Justin Verlander in 2011 while no hitter really, really stood out then the last pitcher we probably would have seen be MVP was Dennis Eckersley in 1992. In the National League Bob Gibson was the last pitcher to win in 1968. It probably even says something that in 2005 Alex Rodriguez beat out a probably more deserving David Ortiz all because he played third base (poorly played third base) while Ortiz was a DH and only contributed to the team from the batters box.

Kershaw is pretty much guaranteed his third Cy Young in four years but what probably makes him worthy of the MVP over Stanton is the fact that he has put together a season we just don’t see from players. As impressive .288 with 37 HRs and 105 RBIs is, it’s not an out of the ordinary season, we’ve seen it before. But a 1.67 ERA just isn’t an ever-year occurrence. It’s amazing and incredibly.

Add in the fact that Stanton’s Marlins are not going to be going to the playoffs while the Dodgers very well may wind up with the best record in the National League, largely in part to him being almost a guaranteed victory when he steps out on the mound, it should tip the scale in Kershaw’s favor if it wasn’t already leaning toward him.

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