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Champions Bracket: 2009 North Carolina vs. 2011 UConn


2) 2009 – North Carolina Tar Heels (34-4)
F – Tyler Hansbrough, Sr (20.7p, 8.1r, 1.0a)
PG – Ty Lawson, Jr (16.6p, 3.0r, 6.6a)
G – Wayne Ellington, Jr (15.8p, 4.9r, 2.7a)
F – Danny Green, Sr (13.1p, 4.7r, 2.7a)
F – Deon Thompson, Jr (10.6p, 5.7r, 0.7a)
F – Ed Davis, Fr (6.7p, 6.6r, 0.6a)
F – William Graves, So (4.0p, 2.6r, 0.8a)
15) 2011 – Connecticut Huskies (32-9)
PG – Kemba Walker, Jr (23.5p, 5.4r, 4.5a)
G – Jeremy Lamb, Fr (11.1p, 4.5r, 1.6a)
C – Alex Oriakhi, So (9.6p 8.7r, 0.4a)
G – Shabazz Napier, Fr (7.8p, 2.4r, 3.0a)
G – Roscoe Smith, Fr (6.3p, 5.2r, 0.5a)
F – Jamal Coombs-McDaniel, So (5.6p, 2.6r, 0.5a)
C – Charles Okwandu, Sr (2.9p, 2.8r, 0.5a)
F – Niels Giffey, Fr (2.2p, 1.4r, 0.4a)

Another great battle between a great team and a great player. North Carolina had a tremendous all around team and some very good players in 2009 but Kemba Walker was just a dominant player who carried the Huskies to a surprise National Championship in 2011.

Walker was unstoppable leading a team that was built for tournaments. He was the quintessential floor-leader and captain of his squad. He ran the floor, moved the offense, made the tough shots and got all of his teammates involved and made them better. The Huskies ran through him and feed off his energy. He was small and it was hard to really understand how he was so good but he just got the job done.

Tyler Hansbrough - North Carolina

Tyler Hansbrough – North Carolina

It wasn’t like his team was a complete one-man show. Alex Oriakhi could control the interior and his presence was what opened lanes up for Walker to drive to the basket and score. Freshman Shabazz Napier was just like Walker but a little quicker with the ball. That was their trio but led by a dominant player.

But that North Carolina team had zero holes. Tyler Hansbrough was the best player in the country and an absolutely dominant center. He too was a great team leader and the Tar Heels ran off his emotion. He was a hard-worker do-it-all type of center any college team would love to have lead their squad. He wasn’t the best athlete but he was surrounded by tremendous ones.

Ty Lawson was a quick point guard with great scoring ability and an eye for the open man. Wayne Ellington and Danny Green were terrific outside shooters who spread the floor. Those two guys could get on a roll and be lights out, hitting everything no matter where they were or how many hands were in their face. Deon Thompson was a hard-working power forward who got inside, fought for positioning, got some points and grabbed rebounds.

All five of those guys were drafted that summer by NBA teams and another player, freshman Ed Davis, ended up being selected by an NBA team.

While UConn came out of nowhere and shocked the world in 2011 as they ran through the tournament the 2009 UNC squad took nobody by surprise. They were on the cusp for a few years but finally broke through with a very experience squad that is going to be very tough to beat.

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