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Where are the fights?

By: Kevin Collins

John Scott

For you die hard, hockey-fight fans out there, don’t worry. The big bruisers have been shipped off their respective teams in recent years and after one week there just isn’t fighting anymore. But, now it is a novelty and it means something when it happens.

Now, when a fight occurs it will be cooler to talk around the office the next day. A fight will mean they must have really hated each other and that something really bad was said. Maybe the potential is higher to see hat tricks and a toe-to-toe challenge between Alex Ovechkin and Syndey Crosby.

Since 2008-2009 when there were 734 fights in the season the number of fights has dropped each year. Last year in 1230 games there were only 469, or .38 fights per game. Since 2011, each Stanley Cup champion has had four deep lines and were no longer just the goons. The Bruins, Kings and Blackhawks have all been hustle guys and don’t just skate out there to hurt someone, but players who go out there and score goals.

Even with the yearly increase in salary cap teams can no longer afford to focus money on a player that cannot skate. The focus is now on a two-way player; one that can weave between defenders but also take a hit when he is up against the boards.

What about protecting the stars? Well, if every team begins to play good hockey up and down the lines then their may no longer be a need for a behemoth enforcer who is only out there to deliver big hits.

Besides, is there any better punch to the jaw than handing a team a loss? Teams are focusing more on getting talented players and winning, which gives a better product but does so at the expense of fighting.

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