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Top 10: Happenings in Sports

Bicycle kicks are pretty sweet to see but how high on the list are they?

Bicycle kicks are pretty sweet to see but how high on the list are they?

A happening is not an achievement or specific moment in time. It is not a record breaking performance, it is not a specific play like the Immaculate Reception or Holy Roller. It is not a night like Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game or a game-winning save in the NHL playoffs. It’s not a series of event either, so it’s not hitting a cycle or throwing a perfect game. It’s none of that.

A happening is a type of play or occurrence that is non specific, like a hit in baseball, a three-pointer in basketball, or a tackle in football. They can be achieved by anybody on the field or court, or ice. But not all happenings are made equal. As great as a clutch hit can be, or as thrilling as a game-winning three-pointer is they are way too common for this list.

Instead of making our very first list of our Top 10 series be something boring or over-done like the top 10 athletes, or quarterbacks, or teams, this top 10 is going to list the 10 greatest happenings in sports. Check it out, let us know what you agree with, what you disagree with, what got snubbed. Tell us what you think.

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