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2022 World Cup moving to the winter

World CupNo!, Ghah, stupid, mrmrmrm….CURSE YOU FIFA!!!

Sure, moving the World Cup to November and December will at least make the unbearable heat in Qatar much less of an issue. Playing in the dead of summer just wasn’t realistic, but maybe they should have realized that before selecting Qatar.

I’m probably just still salty that out of nowhere Qatar was named the host for the 2022 World Cup instead of the USA when all signs pointed toward America getting the host the incredible event but there has been nothing but disaster so far with this thing. Scandals, bribes, lies. The sad part is we haven’t even talked about Russian yet. In three years they’ll be hosting the World Cup, but they don’t have all these problems like Qatar does so why even pay attention to them.

It’s going to sound terrible but forget about the labor issues. That’s always a problem for the Olympics and World Cup. At this point, I’m just deaf to it. But this is the World Cup, it’s meant to be played in June and July. It’s a perfect time of the year. November and December isn’t.

They don’t at all are about the American market when considering these things, so forget about the collision with the NFL schedule on Sundays, and Monday and Thursdays. And forget about the fact that it’s going to clash with Thanksgiving. It’s going to clash with the European Soccer club seasons.

Right now, it is only supposed to affect one league but that’s only if the teams cancel their international competitions, like the UEFA Cup and things of the sort. Those are pretty big deals, and even though the World Cup and international play trumps club play, I can’t imagine these clubs partaking in those tournament being very appreciative that they will be losing money because they can’t play games.

And then there is the whole part where guys come back from the World Cup to recover a bit or leave to train in the National Team camp. Right now it is perfect because the World Cup takes place in the offseason for those big leagues. But with the World Cup being in November and December, unless they stop play so these guys can go to camp without hurting the individual club teams, then it’s going to be a poor product on the field for quite some time.

One of the best parts about the World Cup is the fans who can’t afford to go or make it to some other country, it’s great then large groups gather in cities to watch the games outside in huge areas. The winter in Spain, England, USA and Germany, it’s cold outside, that atmosphere is going to be lost too. Qatar promised them would keep the games in the summer with these air-conditioned venues but they abandoned that idea the second they were named the host nation.

And there are TV contracts that have been negotiated. Fox paid $425 million for the next two tournaments on the assumption that that it would be in the summer and not clashing with the NFL. Now the World Cup is probably going to be relegated to FS1 certain days.

Oh and by the way, Lusail City, the city that is supposed to be be where the final games will be played, still doesn’t exist. The $45 billion city has to be built from scratch, with hotels, restaurants, and infrastructure necessary to host an event of this magnitude.

Qatar has so many problems and the fact that they had to change when the event takes place just shows how horrible of a location it is. But FIFA is horribly committed to it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things work out because it’s definitely happening, it would have changed by now if it were changing to a new location.

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