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Italian star Andrea Pirlo joining New York FC

Andrea Pirlo

New York FC has made no secret about their desire to add a third designated player to the what they already had. With David Villa already on the team, leading them in both goals scored and assists, and the legendary Frank Lampard on his way July 1, the club will also be adding Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo.

Even at the age of 36-years-old, Pirlo is one of the very best midfielders in the world. It is the way he plays; his pin-point passing, his veteran savvy and his uncanny ability to read the field and set up his teammates that makes him so dangerous.

New York FC clearly wanted to build a successful team in their first year and with this latest edition, they have made fans take notice.

This Saturday, Pirlo will lead his Juventus club team in the UEFA Champions League finals against Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez of FC Barcelona but he has accepted an offer to make a move to the MLS later this summer.

New York FC, which plays their games in the Bonx at Yankee Stadium, if the perfect place for Pirlo to go to as well. With a massive Italian population in New York and New Jersey, those fans will want to come watch the greatest player Italy has produced over the last quarter century.

Though not a scorer, the way he runs the field and makes brilliant passes is a sight to see. He’s become a well-known name to even casual American soccer fans with four World Cup appearances. In 2012, Pirlo notably dazzled fans with a cheeky chip-shot shootout attempt, that simply shows just how brilliant of a player he is.

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