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New format should fix Derby’s problem

The 2015 Home Run Derby will have a new format to it. In order to speed the event up from what seemed to be turning into a near 4-hour ordeal, batters now compete in a single-elimination, tournament and will be given just five minutes per round.

Batters will be given an extra 30 seconds to hit for every home run that is hit 475 feet and will get one minute of bonus time for every two home runs of at least 420 feet.

Simply, the tournament seeds the eight batters in order of the number of home runs they have hit this season.

2015 Home Run DerbyAlbert Pujols is the top seed in his first Home Run Derby since 2009. He will be taking on Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant, who in a shorter amount of time has his an impressive 12 home runs. Despite the seed differential, Las Vegas actually has Bryant as the second most-likely player to win the Derby after Cincinnati’s own Todd Frazier, the No. 2 seed. Frazier has his 25 home runs this yea with 15 of them being hit in Citizen’s Ball Park.

Orioles Manny Machado has the lowest odds of winning the Home Run Derby. He has hit 19 home runs with an average distance of 387 feet, the lowest in the competition. His first round opponent, Joc Pederson, has the greatest average home run distance in the Derby at 431 feet.

Frazier, though, should be the favorite to win the Derby and has his home fans behind him. But do not simply pick what Las Vegas is picking. Pujols is the underdog despite being the No. 1 overall seed. Bryant is a young rookie and typically, first-time Derby participants struggle. Pederson is likely going to move past Machado in the first round and would be a great pick to take on Frazier in the finals after he advances past Josh Donaldson, who is likely going to beat Anthony Rizzo in their first round battle.

This twist in the Derby is certainly different than what we have seen before, with just an open competition where the most home runs move on. In this, a loser could hit more home runs than a winner of another pairing but still not move on. But the main point point is to shorten the event. The Home Run Derby is always one of the most exciting events of the year, but it really was beginning to drag on way too long. This could be an exciting answer.

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