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Serena wins emotional match against sister

Williams sisters

It was not much of a surprise that Serena Williams outlasted her sister to earn a spot in the Wimbledon quarterfinals. Serena Williams is the big favorite to win her third Grand Slam this year and a win at Wimbledon would give her a calender Grand Slam.

Serena is clearly the better of the two sisters, holding the No. 1 world ranking for over two years, claiming seven Grand Slam titles in the last 12 events. Venus is still one of the best players in the world, but has been battling injuries and failing to even reach a Grand Slam semi-finals since 2010.

But it was a display of great tennis.

Serena claimed the 6-4, 6-3 victory over Venus. Her serve as at it’s absolute best; the power and placement of it was just too much for Venus to overcome. Venus wanted to move closer to the net, but her sister’s serve forced her back.

The emotion of the match was intense. They have played against each other 25 times, but their love and respect for each other was clear. They knew only one of them could advance, and new one of them had to loss. Neither sister was able to look at the other during the competition, staring at the ground of their racquet during the stoppages in play.

After Serena claimed victory, she did not dance. She did not run around the court. She did not wave her racquet over her head to the crowd. Instead, she walked over to the bench, packed her bag and walk off the court, side-by-side with her sister.

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