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Mayweather: 49-0 and nobody cares

By: John Galletley

Floyd Mayweather's 49-0 record just does not have must luster if Andre Berto was indeed his last fight.

Floyd Mayweather’s 49-0 record just does not have must luster if Andre Berto was indeed his last fight.

Floyd Mayweather announced his retirement from boxing as he went out in his “last fight” defeating Andre Berto to improve his record to 49-0. He tied Rocky Marciano as the best for an undefeated boxer in the history of the sport. But after the fight, most sports fans acted like it was no big deal.

There is no doubt that Mayweather is the greatest boxer of this generation and one of the best boxers in the history of the sport. Despite the success, he is someone that is not well-liked by fans and not someone that has been embraced in the sports world.

Known for being on “The Money Team”, Mayweather has a reputation of only caring about money, despite being the world’s highest paid athlete. Fans seem to take it as rubbing it in, especially when he poses in front of his “toys” such as expensive cars.

Demand for this fight was very underwhelming. Compared to $1,500 on the secondary market for Mayweather-Pacquiao, this fight between Mayweather and Berto sold tickets for just $150. For a legend’s last fight, that is a very disappointing price. Thousands of tickets were given away by MGM the day of the fight just so it the arena would not look empty on television.

Part of the problem is that Mayweather does not have a good reputation picking out attractive fights. His last two fights alone were ones that fans felt should have happened years ago when Pacquiao and Berto were in their prime. Now, both fighters were picked out when they were in a steep decline, which improved Mayweather’s odds of beating those opponents dramatically.

Perhaps, the direction this may go in is that boxing is simply a dead sport. With the UFC around and relevant, less people seem to care about boxing or even consider it the superior fighting sport. Mayweather is one of the only recognizable names in the sport and there does not seem to be a fighter that is ready to step up and be the next superstar of the sport.

No matter what the reason really is, when fans heard that Mayweather defeated Berto, tied Marciano for the all-time record, and said that he was retiring, nobody seemed to have a reaction to it. The news was just listened to with no comments and sports fans moved on to the next topic.

If this is really the end for Mayweather, he is going out on top in terms of accomplishments, but he is far from the top in the minds and hearts of sports fans.

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