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Papelbon trade killed the Nationals

The Nationals did not need Jonathan Papelbon but made the risky move to get him anyway and it has backfired badly.

The Nationals did not need Jonathan Papelbon but made the risky move to get him anyway and it has backfired badly.

For the second-straight season Major League Baseball has seen a second-half implosion following the trade deadline. The Washington Nationals were one of the very best teams in the league but since making a big trade at the deadline they have imploded.

It was another case of a team altering the dynamic of what made their team so successful. The Nationals did not need Jonathan Papelbon, Drew Storen was doing perfectly fine as their closer and they were arguably the best team in baseball with him playing a key part no only on the field but as a locker room leader too. It was a very risky move when they made it.

Still, the team made the trade and Papelbon’s big personality has not fit in. In fact, it has been such a bad addition that he has been suspended for the rest of the year after getting in a fight with teammate Bryce Harper in the dugout and his future in Washington is very much in question despite the year left on his contract.

Teams and General Managers should learn from the mistakes of others more often — it might save a job or two.

The Nationals did not need to trade for Papelbon, they were good enough to make a deep run with what they had but by adding Papelbon they also added a very big personality into their locker room. That is what the Nationals did not realize when they traded for him. His numbers were good but the locker room changed once Papelbon was added and it went from the winning dynamic they had to something else.

Since adding the closer the Nationals have gone 27-31 and have been eliminated from the playoffs for quite some time. The future of manager Matt Williams is in question, the team might end up paying another team to let Papelbon play for them and it is all their own fault for making a move they did not need.

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