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It’s time to re-instate Pete Rose

By: Corey Parkinson

At 74-years-old a re-instated Pete Rose won't likely be a manager or executive. He'd more be a guy we could honor for his great achievements on the field.

At 74-years-old a re-instated Pete Rose won’t likely be a manager or executive. He’d more be a guy we could honor for his great achievements on the field.

The Royals won the World Series, Bryce Harper and Josh Donaldson won the MVP Awards, and Don Mattingly is now the manager of the Miami Marlins and yet, all eyes are on Rob Manfred as he makes his decision on whether or not to reinstate baseball’s all-time hits leader, Pete Edward Rose. It has been 26 years since Rose would be banned from baseball. This year seemed to show that MLB is leaning towards at least entertaining the idea of allowing Rose near the game again.

Rose broke the sacred rule of gambling on baseball, and bet on his own team. But honestly, what is the harm in allowing the man to participate in the sport?

First of all, let’s be clear about what being allowed to participate in the sport means. Rose is 74-years-old. He is not going to be anyone’s managerial choice given his history as well as his age. The current trend is hiring managers of a younger generation. It also is not likely that he gets a job as an executive since he has no experience doing anything like that. So really, being involved in Major League Baseball does not mean too much.

Being involved in MLB more means being allowed to do more things like he did at this summer’s All-Star game. Some people may say Rose was the greatest player to ever pick up a bat. His .303 batting average over 23 seasons, three World Series wins as well as 17 all-star game appearances and a NL MVP are just a few of his great accomplishments. His achievements should be honored. Young players should understand how hard he played and should strive to be like that.

Allowing Rose to be a part of MLB also eliminates some issues that have plagued the sport for years. It’s been a waste of time and resources to examine whether Rose should be allowed back in MLB, four commissioners over nearly 30 years have spent time debating whether or not he should be re-instated. But more than that, it will help end the hypocrisy baseball has created when dealing with PEDs. How can MLB ban Alex Rodriguez for a full season and welcome him back with open arms when he cheated on the field when Rose gambled on his own team and be banned for life?

If Rodriguez can be forgiven why can’t Rose be forgiven? Heck, a life sentence for murder is only 20 years, 26-years for gambling? It’s time to bring “Charlie Hustle” back.

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Corey Parkinson

Staff Writer
Corey grew up a sports fanatic and an athlete. A baseball player up until he was 18, his passion and love for the game has remained unchanged. From the time he was five if it involved a ball that you threw or kicked, Corey was all in. His passion for journalism began at the age of 10 when he wrote a play about a World Series involving the Seattle Mariners and The New York Mets. As a Sports Media and Marketing major currently at Full Sail University, Corey is working his way to becoming an MLB beat writer. Writing for has given him the platform to share his knowledge and passion for sports and primarily his undying love for baseball.

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