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Orioles trade for slugger Mark Trumbo

Mark Trumbo will be a power-bat in the middle of their lineup next year and likely prepares the Orioles for the departure of Chris Davis.

Mark Trumbo will be a power-bat in the middle of their lineup next year and likely prepares the Orioles for the departure of Chris Davis.

The Baltimore Orioles have secured the presence of a power-hitting, but high-strikeout first baseball/outfielder/designated hitter in their middle of the lineup for next season. No, they did not re-sign Chris Davis, they traded for Seattle Mariners slugger Mark Trumbo.

The Orioles sent catcher Steve Clevenger, who was made expendable with Matt Wieters signing his qualifying offer to remain with the team next season, to the Mariner for Trumbo. Trumbo was traded from Arizona to Seattle midway through last season but hit 22 home runs while batting .262/.310/.449. Prior to playing in Arizona for a year and a half, Trumbo spent three seasons with the Los Angeles Angels and batted .250 and averaged 31.6 home runs per season, showing he can clearly hit in the American Leagues.

Trumbo is a 30-year-old right-handed batter who is in the prime of his career and while his addition does not mean the Orioles won’t keep Davis, it prepares the Orioles for his likely departure in free agency by providing them with a power-hitter in the middle of their lineup.

Trumbo could fill three different positions for the Orioles. He has primarily played first base in his career but has experience in both corner outfield spots and has been a designated hitter. Trumbo is not liability against any pitchers. He batted .267 against left-handed pitchers and .243 against right-handed hitters.

Davis is likely going to get a massive contract worth over $150 million and has been linked to both the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox.

Clevenger will provide the Mariners with a left-handed batter and he will likely serve in a platoon role with Chris Iannetta. Iannetta bats .252 against lefties but just .223 against righties. Clevenger has just a .228 career batting average but is significantly better against right-handed pitchers.

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