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Garcia wins WBC welterweight title

Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia has a much greatest test in Robert Guerrero in his second fight since moving up to welterweight, but the former world super lightweight champion passed again, as he has done in every one of his 31 prior professional fights. All three judges gave Garcia the 116-112 decision after 12 rounds.

Garcia was patient early but when the seventh round got going he picked things up. Garcia’s left hook kept the high-aggressive Guerrero honest, but it was a toe-to-toe fight from beginning to end. Garcia landed 163 of 496 punches out-hitting Guerrero, who landed 108 of 436.

Garcia became a two-division champion with the victory, but made a great case to earn recognition as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Guerrero is not quite an elite fighter, but he’s just below that level and has gone the distance with Keith Thurman and Floyd Mayweather before. Garcia’s win over Guerrero solidifies him as one of the best welterweight’s in the world

Injured Martinez throws in towel while trailing Vasquez

Sammy Vasquez

Sammy Vasquez had to work harder than usual against Aaron Martinez, who stayed in his defensive stance and did not give away easy openings. But while Vasquez out-worked his opponent he won because an elbow injury prevented Martinez from continuing on in the fight. His corner called the bout after six rounds.

Vasquez stayed undefeated with his 15th knockout in 21 fights. It was the biggest win of his career. Against Martinez he landed 88 of 309 punched thrown. Martinez landed only 35 of 176 thrown through six rounds.

It was Martinez’ fourth loss in his last six fights. He is out of opportunities to move up the ranks again, Vasquez opened up his future to bigger fights with the victory.

Mansour doesn’t answer ball against Breazeale

He didn’t answer the bell. Dominick Breazeale was rocked by hard right hooks for five rounds and sent down in the third, but Amir Mansour did not stand up when the bell sounded for the start of the sixth round. Breazeale landed hard right hook that was fully cocked back and perfectly accurate. Mansour could not close his mouth, he bit through his tongue and his jaw was lightly broken.

Breazeale won the vacant WBC Continental Americas heavyweight title with his 15th knockout to remain perfect through 17 fights. Mansour had the bad break. Breazeale looked like he did not know what defense was as his 43-year-old opponent landed hard shot after hard shot after hard shot. He was out-punched, out-brawled and barely standing after five rounds.

But especially in the heavyweight division when two guys who hit like semi-trucks go at it, one punch it all it takes and one punch was all it took for Breazeale to get the victory.

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