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Crawford dazzles Lundy before 5th round KO

Terence Crawford

A straight left sent Hank Lundy down in the fifth round, and that was the beginning of the end. He was given a chance to come back, but Terence Crawford went right back, fired away and forced the stoppage just seconds later as he remained undefeated and improved to 27-0 with a 20th victory by knockout.

Crawford did not even get to the point in the fight where he just took over and pulled far away on the scorecard and showed is technical mastery. He just picked up another win, showed just how superior he was to his opponent and added to his impressive resume. A resume that now has a dominant victory in Madison Square Garden, that was also a second-straight WBO World super lightweight title defense.

Crawford has star power, and with the retirement of Floyd Mayweather Jr, he seems like the guy ready to take his place as the best American fighter in the middle weight classes. But no top flight challenger has given Crawford a chance yet. That speaks a lot to his ability, but he is hoping that his dominant win over Lundy will force an opponent to give him a chance. The obvious challenger seems to be Manny Pacquaio, should be defeat Tim Bradley Jr. in their upcoming bought. But that fight is said to be Pacquaio’s last fight, so who knows how it will play out.

But whether Crawford gets that fight or now, it is clear just how advanced he is. The 28-year-old from Omaha, Nebraska, is far, powerful, skill full and can punch with both his left and right hands, providing him with the ability to switch from orthodox to southpaw when he wants.

Lundy said before the fight that once he saw Crawford make the change, they he would switch too, but Crawford changed stances just 44 seconds into the fight. Lundy never did. And Crawford’s left hand was what did the big damage. A straight-left before the one that sent Lundy to the ground was what ended up hurting the South Philly fighter. Then it created the beginning of the end and was fittingly the hand that was raised by the referee.

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