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Jets need to re-sign FitzMagic. What’s taking so long?

By: Damon Sloan

It's so obvious the Jets need to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick, but they don't seem overly willing to bring him back.

It’s so obvious the Jets need to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick, but they don’t seem overly willing to bring him back.

The New York Jets made a splash in the offseason acquiring former Chicago Bears tailback Matt Forte; now they need to sign take care of their most important position at quarterback and that is to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick has reignited the Jets passing game which has been absent over the past three seasons. He has a good chemistry with his two elite wide outs Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall. He has a relationship with offensive coordinator Chan Gailey as well, going back to their days when Fitzpatrick played for the Buffalo Bills and Gailey was also the coordinator there. Most importantly, Jets fans understand that “FitzMagic” give them the best chance to win, but for some reason management doesn’t see it that way and is still without a contract.

The main reason why management is hesitant to sign him is because he wants a big contract, somewhere in the $15 million a year range. Should they invest their money into a journeymen quarterback who has played for six teams in 10 NFL season? In the words of another journeyman underdog with an awesome beard: YES, YES, YES!

He helped lead the Jets to a 10-6 season and helped made numerous big plays during the season, including a game winning touchdown pass to defeat Jets nemesis Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. His chemistry with Marshall and Decker continued to grow throughout the year and it proved in the numbers because the Marshall/Decker tandem was the top pass catching duo in the NFL. That says a lot when both Marshall and Fitzpatrick were in their first seasons with the Jets.

Another reason Jets don’t want to ink him to a long term deal is his age. Fitzpatrick is 33 years old who knows if he can be the Quarterback of the future for the team. But why not pull the trigger? What do they have to lose besides not signing him? There are plenty of other quarterbacks who are playing at a high level and are above age 35. One of them is Brady who will be turning 39 this August, though granted he is an all-time elite player. Peyton Manning , granted another all-time great, just won a Super Bowl at 39-years-old. Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints is still an elite quarterback in this league at age 37. There numerous others, age is overrated and should not be the reason why Fitzpatrick doesn’t return in a Jets jersey.

What makes this QB controversy worse is that the Jets are looking at other options already. The main target was going to be Robert Griffin III before he signed with the Cleveland Browns, despite the fact that he did not play a single snap last season because of inconsistency in his play since his rookie year. The only thing Griffin would have given the Jets more than Fitzpatrick is mobility, which could help the Jets but Griffin’s inaccuracy throwing the ball and fitting the ball into tight coverages lacks as well as his pre snap recognition.

Their second option might be Colin Kaepernick. But the same analysis of RG3 could be used for him. He has even had the same kind of off-the-field trouble as Griffin, which is exactly why he is looking to leave the San Francisco 49ers.

These two quarterbacks not only are worse choices because of their talent, but their off the field buzz could bring the Jets negative publicity, something that the franchise does not need after a winning season.

It’s no doubt that Fitzpatrick needs to be re-signed. The Jets are offering him money that resembles backup’s salary. Fitzpatrick is more than a backup, he proved that last season and if the New York Jets want to remain contenders in the AFC, they need to start by solidifying their quarterback position, open up their budget plans and re-sign FitzMagic!

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Damon Sloan

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